Thailand || Let’s explore

At the beginning of January I set off to Thailand with my boyfriend. We decided to stay in Phuket as it was right in the heart of everything. It was such a great holiday and, although it wasn’t very relaxing because we fit sooo much in, it was definitely refreshing!

So without further ado I thought I would share with you a couple of my highlights from the trip.

The Tours

During the day, we found there wasn’t too much to do in Phuket, other than relax and tan, so we headed out on a few of the Island tours. We went to Khai islands, Phi Phi Islands, Surin Islands and Similan Islands (my favourite).Β It was absolutely magical!.. and a little bit scary. Not only did we come across thousands of fish but also about 10 reef sharks, a few sea snakes, squids and even some jellyfish. We spent most of our time snorkelling, which I have fallen in LOVE with and it has made me super keen to travel to The Great Barrier reef.



The Elephants
Yes. This part of the trip DEFINITELY needs to be discussed because OH MY it was incredible. It was without-a-doubt, my favourite Thailand experience. We spoke to one of the locals who told us that Lucky beach was the best place to go to see the elephants and boy was he right!

We pulled up to a secluded beach which had 6 elephants playing on the sand and in the water. We got taken over to two small (or at least small for an elephant) elephants and they were GORGEOUS.

Because we were the only ones there, we got to swim and play with the elephants for over an hour!!! They were so great to play with and we got some of the best (and cutest) photos.

The Markets

The markets were a little disappointing to begin with as they were all filled with mainly souvenirs and les-be honest… I was looking for the Nike and Adidas. However, after a few hours of no luck I turned to my boyfriend (rather annoyed) and said ‘I just want to buy some bloody nikes’. Next thing I know some guy is telling us to follow him into a hidden room that I would have never in a million years guessed was there. This room was pristine and air-conditioned with rows of Yeezies, Nikes, Adidas, Converse etc. They had glass cabinets filled with Jewellery and ‘brand-name’ handbags everywhere. It was basically my heaven!

After we found out their little trick we started wandering the streets asking in each shop if they had more shoes ‘out the back’. And low and behold, I walked away from the trip with 6 pair of shoes, making me a very happy girl!

If you are planning on going to Thailand you HAVE to be prepared to barter. Know a price you want to pay (that is reasonable) and do your best to stick to it, even if that means walking away from the sale (trust me you will find the exact thing two shops down). I found the shop attendants expected this of me and were rather shocked the couple of times I was happy to pay the first price they gave me, so don’t worry if you’re feeling bad about it, they expect this so they ask for a higher price to begin with, knowing you won’t pay that much!


Overall, Thailand was a great adventure that I would definitely do again. I would love to check out Bangkok and Koh Samui next time round so no doubt I’ll be back sometime soon! I hope you have enjoyed this little peek into my trip, now onto planning my next one!

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