The List || 100 things in 2018

This year, instead of my usual 10 New Years resolutions, I decided to set myself 100 things to do/achieve in 2018 (I know I’m late to the party with this post as it’s already Feb, but it’s better than March, am I right?)

I know what you’re thinking, there is NO WAY I will get through all 100, and tbh you’re probably right. My reason for setting this up wasn’t to achieve every single one (although I will definitely aim to), it was more to have things to aim for this year (as well as get some things done that I’ve been putting off) and so that when I look back at the end of the year, I can see all the things I did and know I spent the year always working towards my goals, rather than wasting my time!

I will bold things as I tick them off my list, or link them to a post if I think it’s worth writing about. So here we go:

  1. Finish setting up my blog
  2. Start making regular blog posts
  3. Go overseasΒ 
  4. Go to Queensland to see my Grandparents
  5. Go snorkelling in Australia
  6. Go on weekends away
  7. Read 15 books
  8. Create a book / folder of my favourite recipes
  9. Start writing a Christmas book
  10. Drop law at UWS & graduate marketing
  11. Get a weekend job
  12. Start an Italian Course
  13. Start a graphic design / web design course
  14. Buy an investment property
  15. Save $x for my own house
  16. Pay back $x for my car
  17. Save money for holidaying!!!
  18. Practice playing the guitar
  19. Cook dinner at least once a month
  20. Make more desserts
  21. Create a recipe
  22. Do more cardio / boxing / going on walks / running
  23. Run a half marathon
  24. Start a routine of morning exercise
  25. Make an effort to eat healthier
  26. Drop my body fat % below 19%
  27. Do a handstand push up
  28. Bench 50kg
  29. Do a muscle up
  30. Complete a rope climb
  31. Go to more football games
  32. Do something special for my 22nd birthday
  33. Do something special for Cain’s Birthday
  34. Do something special for Stevie’s Birthday
  35. Go on a yacht
  36. Re-read the Harry Potter series
  37. Have a one day Harry Potter Marathon
  38. Start watching the suit series
  39. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  40. Learn to surf / have lessons
  41. Do a flip on the trampoline
  42. Start a bucket list
  43. Go to a music festival
  44. Take more photos
  45. Go to a musical
  46. Personal
  47. Make fresh pasta
  48. Go for weekend walks/ hikes
  49. Explore new beaches / swimming spots
  50. Go to Wentworth falls
  51. Go indoor rock climbing
  52. Do a colour run
  53. Fly a kite
  54. Mini-golf – Newtown
  55. Do archery
  56. Do yoga
  57. Go somewhere haunted
  58. Dress up for Halloween
  59. Create a product at work and see it through to market
  60. Play more piano
  61. Get a natural tan
  62. Get Invisalign
  63. Fix my front teeth
  64. Style my hair more often
  65. Do a teatox
  66. Take more relaxing baths
  67. Get abs
  68. Personal
  69. Start squatting again
  70. Squat 100kg
  71. Plan something special for my mum’s Birthday
  72. Decide if I want to continue with law, if yes, enrol at CSU
  73. Go camping
  74. Go to Byron Bay
  75. Train at UFC
  76. Train 244 days minimum
  77. Buy and read a book written in Italian
  78. Wear everything in my wardrobe (not all at once obvs)
  79. Go to Winter Wonderland
  80. Go to Vivid
  81. Carve a pumpkin
  82. Do more hair treatments and skin care
  83. Re-decorate my room and keep it clean
  84. Try Sugarbear Hair gummies
  85. Complete ‘1 second a day’
  86. Make a holiday video
  87. Make my bed every day
  88. Do the Splits
  89. Dance more
  90. Do Christmas baking
  91. Have a Christmas BBQ
  92. Get Christmas themed fake nails
  93. Take more Christmas themed photos
  94. Theme my Christmas wrapping
  95. Buy and wear Christmas themed clothes
  96. Make a wreath
  97. Buy Christmas scented Candles
  98. Go to the house voted best Christmas lights in Sydney
  99. Do ‘Blogmas’
  100. Send Out Christmas Cards

So that is my list, let me know if you think there is anything I have missed or have to try this year and let’s see how I go!

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