Festival Look || Sydney City Limits

Now I’ll be honest, festivals aren’t my style, but it was on my list of things to do this year (you can check out my list here if you haven’t seen it already!). I’ve only ever been to two and one of those was yesterday. And whilst I may not love the festival scene, I do LOVEEEEEE getting dressed up (which lets be honest, is the real reason most people go) so I thought I would share with you my festival look and give you some inspo!

First off is my make up look. I’ve been watching a lot of make up tutorials lately and one youtuber I have been loving is James Charles so I did use one of his looks for a bit of inspo.

All of the Glitter, shimmer and lipstick I bought was quite cheap, I just picked it up from BYS as I didn’t want to spend too much, knowing I would likely never use it again but oh my gosh I was surprised at the quality and pigmentation of it.

I was given a few tips about festivals and one of those is to wear your hair up / back so I decided to do mine in two braids – nice and simple. And I was so glad I did because it was out of my way and stayed looking done all day, rather than turning into a birds nest.

Checking the weather before we went, it said it was going to rain in the afternoon so I took a throw away poncho and I am sooo glad I did – would definitely recommend!

As for outfits, I found the most gorgeous outfit on Cocofields Boutiqueย called the ‘Nala Feather Set’ in black and I was sooo happy with it (although, I forgot to sunscreen and I did get a terrible burn line).


Looking around at other people, maybe my outfit was a little OTT but I was loving it and sooo many people were asking where it was from because it was hella cauuuuteeee!!!

– Tara x


3 thoughts on “Festival Look || Sydney City Limits”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! Your photos definitely gave me some inspiration on how to dress/do my makeup for my first EDC music festival next week.

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