February || My Favourites

One thing I love reading about is different products / clothes / places / shows etc that other people are loving… maybe I’m just nosy… but somehow I always find at least one thing that I need to buy!

So seeing as February is pretty much over (how is time going so fast?!), I thought I would share with you all the things I have been loving!

Beauty / Skin Care

  1. Australis Tanning moisturiser – When I got back from Thailand with a lovely tan, I wanted to make it last AS LONG as possible, I did NOT want to go back to the ghostly look I had going on before! So I bought a tinted moisturiser to not only help my natural tan stay but continue bronzing me up and I have to say I am loving this one! It’s a lot darker than I thought it would be so apply it lightly but I have been applying it almost every night and let me tell you, I am glowing!
  2. The Fox Tan  – Sticking with the tanning theme, I am loving The Fox Tan. This, I’m gonna call it a tan booster…? is just fab. I do tan quite well normally but I have really been noticing the difference when I use this. I also loveee how easy it is to wear this as well.
  3. Fake Nails – Now this one I haven’t exactly been loving as I got my fake nails off at the beginning of the month, but having them off has made me realise how much I loved having them!!! Definitely need to get a fresh set asap.


  1. I went on a bit of a spending spree and picked us these pants on Pretty Little Thing. I was a little undecided to begin with as I thought the frill was a little too much but I’ve actually been tucking that in and I think they are cute as heck!
  2. For Christmas my lovely boyfriend surprised me by picking out a new bikini for me and whilst I was definitely scared to wear it to begin with, as it is a Brazilian cut, (and I still am a little bit), I am loving it! This bikini has pushed me way out of my comfort zone but at the same time made me love my body even more!!!


  1. Black Bear BBQ – oh my gosh this place is amazing. And whilst it is probably totally irrelevant for some of you, as they are based in Western Sydney, I couldn’t not mention it. This place makes THE best meat I have eaten. I cannot stop craving it and it’s something that you absolutely have to try!



  1. Duolingo – I have been wanting to learn Italian since I was in year 7 at school. I chose it as en elective in year 8 and 9 but I definitely would love to be fluent. This app is amazing! It’s so helpful and easy to learn from and even though it says you only need to do one section per day, I have been smashing through them learning as much as I can. One thing I will say though is that I feel like I need something outside of the app to help me practice – either watching movies or reading a book? Let me know what you guys think!

– Tara x

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