Blogster? || Easter Time

I absolutely love Christmas, I just think it’s absolutely the best time of the year! I feel like everyone is automatically in a better mood (is that just me?) and enjoying time with family and friends and everything else that comes with it.

So it’s made me wonder, where’s all the hype for Easter? Maybe I’m just out of the loop but if we have Blogmas, where is Blogster? If there’s a Christmas lunch, where is Easter Brunch?

So, even if I’m leading a one person battle, I vow to make Easter, more Eastery and I thought I would share it with you over the next month so you can do so too!

Being a 21 year old with no little kids in my life, maybe I’m just missing out on something other people are already doing, Easter was definitely more of an event when I was younger, but hey, why does Easter just have to be for kids?

Make sure to watch this space for Easter posts over the next month and let me know in the comments how you celebrate Easter as an adult!

– Tara x

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