Week Two || Monday Motivation

Making up for lost time

I had a really good week of training this week so decided to have today off to relax and recover. I do my best not to have days off training as I always feel bad about it (especially seeing as I was too sick to train for the better part of this year so far), however, I think it was definitely needed. Sometimes I have to remind myself that resting is important too as it gives your body time to recover and ensures you don’t burn out.

My routine is having a bit of a shake up this week as I am off to Melbourne on Monday and going to Queensland for a week on Saturday, however, i am determined not to miss out on any sessions. With that in mind here is what my week will look like:


HIIT – I am going to try and fit in a late night session when I get home at about 10:30pm, however, I know I will be both exhausted and time poor so I am planning on a 30 minute at home HIIT work out – I use The Lean Machines for my HIIT workouts and it’s always a killer! I want to fit this in as I want the week to start off well as I find if I don’t train on a Monday, I am less motivated for the rest of the week.


Morning – Back session

Afternoon – Leg session




Chest session


Morning – Back session

Afternoon – Leg session


Rest day. I am actually going to be driving to QLD which will be a 15 hour drive so I will definitely not have time for training today.


Glutes – As I am going to be away in the middle of no where, my closest gym will be 1 hours drive so I am super excited to do some body weight work outs, starting off with my glutes. That’s all I’m going to say about this as I am planning a post on my gym free workouts whilst I am away!

To make up for lost time, I am squeezing in an extra session on both Tuesday and Friday. When I am doing two sessions in one day I like to break them up rather than doing one straight after the other. This way I have time to re-energise and re-fuel! I also do my best to make sure I am training completely different body parts, eg. legs and back. I find, this way, I can ensure I am not compromising one session for the other.

I think it is important to fit in extra sessions to make up for lost time when you can as this keeps you in your routine as much as possible and setting this as a precedent helps push me to train on the days when I don’t feel up to it; if I don’t train that day, I am going to have to wake up early and train twice the following day and I guarantee that pushes me to go every time!

– Tara x

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