April || My Favourites

April is by far one of my favourite months of the year, not only is it my Birthday month (yes, I celebrate my birthday for the whole month), but the weather is still warm and amazing, and I have my annual trip to Queensland!

For some reason there is a bit of a health / fitness trend in this post – I have been sick for the past 12 weeks and doctors don’t know yet what’s wrong so I have been focusing on my health and finding things that will make me feel better.

1. Magnesium Powder – this stuff is doing wonders!  I’ve found that I’m not the best sleeper – especially whilst I’ve been a bit sick – but the magnesium powder that I bought has been helping soooo much. Not only have I been getting a better nights sleep, but I wake up feeling energised. And as well as that, I’m feeling a lot less over whelmed and stressed so I would definitely recommend this!

2. KI Immune – These bad boys have been amazing! Just taking one a day gives me such an energy boost when I’m feeling poorly and whenever I feel a cold coming on, taking one of these just knocks it on the head straight away.

3.Yopro – I’m not a big breakfast eater (I know I should be) but I find if I have a big breakfast I feel gross for the rest of the day – no matter how healthy it is. My general breakfast go to is eggs but this month I have been lovvvvvvingggg Yopro yoghurt! I was honestly so surprised how good these are considering how little sugar and fat is in it compared to other yoghurts but I have been eating them every day and they are amazing.

4. The Fox Tan – I spent a week in Queensland at the beginning of April and I got the most amazing tan all thanks to this! I used both the lotion and the mist and after the first day I was getting compliments on how tanned I look. Love it!

5. Myfitnesspal – This app is seriously great. It helps me so much with tracking what I eat and counting my macros. I’m really trying to cut out sugar and bad carbs so I have found this app is great because it makes it easy as well as making me feel more accountable for what I’m eating. I would definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to lose weight or even to just find out what you are eating compared to what you should be eating in order to reach your goals.

And that is everything that I was loving in April! Leave a comment down below and let me know what your essentials were last month!

– Tara x

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