Queensland || A Little Break

At the end of April I went on my annual family trip to Queensland to see my grandparents. They live right on the beach in a tiny town, full of retirees, so I basically had the beach to myself and it was amazing. 

I filmed everyday whilst we were up there and actually made a video of our family trip, which I found I really enjoyed. It’s making me think I should maybe try my hand at vlogging? Or at least start making videos of all my holidays? Maybe I’ll put it on my list of 100 things to do in 2019 – I still have a fair few things to focus on for this year!

Anyway, tangent over. The holiday was amazing. The weather was beautiful, and it was so relaxing to go on a holiday where I had no where I had to go and nothing I had to do. I literally got to lay on the beach every day!

I actually woke up at about 6am every morning (which is not like me) and went for a walk/run along the beach and it’s made me want to get up early in summer and do the same at home!

Another thing that I found I really appreciated was the fact that I had hardly any signal/internet on my phone so I really got to take a break from everything and just enjoy my own company.

My dog was absolutely adorable the whole time we were there, he was loving the beach! He rode on my boogy board and skateboard and he even had a bike seat on dad’s bike so he didn’t miss out on anything and he enjoyed it soooo much! Spoiled pooch / 10.


I think sometimes I get caught up in going on big holidays overseas and seeing the world, but I think I really needed this relaxing break and I definitely would recommend it to everyone. I think having a week off with nothing to do, whether you stay at home or go somewhere quiet, is a must every now and then so you can stop and get properly rested and relaxed and regather your thoughts.

Let me know in the comments your favourite place to go to relax!

– Tara x

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