The List || 50 restaurants to visit

I have always had a thing for fancy restaurants. Ever since I went to Bennelong a few years ago, I fell in love with fine dining. I compiled a list of all the restaurants I want to visit and I have added to it since to come up with my 50 must do restaurants. I expect it will take me a few life times to get to them all but I am determined!

I have been to a couple of these restaurants so far and I even wrote a blog post about some of my favourites. There’s something about fine dining that just feels so special and, even though it always breaks my budget, it’s always so worth it. So here is my list of 50 (which I will no doubt be adding to):

  1. Aria
  2. O bar and dining – July 2018
  3. Flying Fish
  4. 12 Micron
  5. Altitude
  6. Quay
  7. Sepia
  8. Automata
  9. Six Penny
  10. The Bridge room
  11. Momofuku
  12. Ormeggio at the Split
  13. Bennelong – September 2016 and April 2018
  14. Tetsuyas – September 2017
  15. Bentley Restaurant and bar
  16. LuMi bar and dining
  17. Est. – July 2017
  18. Ester
  19. Pilu at freshwater
  20. Cirrus
  21. Biota
  22. Muse
  23. Automata
  24. Firedoor
  25. Icebergs – March 2018
  26. Fleet
  27. Sokyo – April 2017
  28. Buon ricardo
  29. Mr Wong
  30. Monopole
  31. Eschalot
  32. Restaurant Plage
  33. Fred’s
  34. Lucio’s
  35. Oscillate Wildly
  36. Porteno
  37. Restaurant Hubert
  38. Rockpool Bar & Grill
  39. Saint Peter
  40. Park Hyatt – October 2016
  41. Nobu Melbourne
  42. Attica
  43. Urbane
  44. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
  45. Ten Minutes by Tractor
  46. Vue de Monde
  47. Estelle by Scott Pickett
  48. Brae
  49. Esquire
  50. Saint Crispin

I will be sure to post a few more reviews as I tick them off my list. I would love to hear what restaurants are on your list to go to so let me know down in the comments!

– Tara x

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