The List || 100 things in 2019

Once again I have written myself a list of 100 things to complete this year. I really enjoyed doing this last year, and whilst I didn’t get through them all, it’s so great looking back to see everything I did accomplish.

I will be bolding the ones as I complete them – fingers crossed I can get through them all this year!

So without further ado here is the list:

  1. Go Overseas
  2. Pass all my uni units
  3. Read 5 books
  4. Buy a propertyย 
  5. Save $x for a car
  6. Save $x for a holiday
  7. Save $x for a house
  8. Personal
  9. Personal
  10. Personal
  11. Personal
  12. Personal
  13. Cook dinner at least 30 times
  14. Run a half marathon
  15. Drop my Body Fat percentage below 18%
  16. Do a muscle up
  17. Do something special for mum’s 50th
  18. Do something special for my 23rd
  19. Learn to surf
  20. Do the colour run
  21. Carve a pumpkin
  22. Train 244 days or 265 times minimum
  23. Complete ‘1 second a day’
  24. Start walking / running in the morning
  25. Be able to do 10 pull ups in a row
  26. Complete the crossfit games
  27. Plank for 10 minutes
  28. Do the splits
  29. Do an eight week fitness challenge
  30. Stay in a bubble tent
  31. Do at least 10,000 steps 5 times a week
  32. Continue being able to bench 50kg
  33. Go on a holiday to QLD
  34. Go to Byron Bay
  35. Play more piano
  36. Play more guitar
  37. Take dance lessons
  38. Squat 80kg
  39. Squat 100kg
  40. Train twice a day once a week
  41. Go to platform 82
  42. Go to the Tiny Giant
  43. Go to Quay
  44. Go to a football game
  45. Go to the circus
  46. Book a trip to Japan for the Olympics
  47. See the Harry Potter stage play
  48. Go to the great barrier reef
  49. Get my VO2 on my Garmin to ‘superior’
  50. Go to Wentworth falls
  51. Write a song
  52. Go to Archie Bros
  53. Go on a hot air balloon
  54. See a musical
  55. Go to 3+ concerts
  56. Learn more Italian
  57. Burn an average of 2000 calories a day
  58. Do 5x handstand pushups
  59. Go indoor rock climbing
  60. Go somewhere haunted
  61. Get Invisalign
  62. Buy a book in Italian and read it
  63. Go to winter wonderland
  64. Go to Vivid
  65. Write more
  66. Make my abs more defined
  67. Go on a picnic
  68. Go to the Zoo
  69. Sleep under the stars
  70. Watch ‘haunting of hill house’ series
  71. Buy an artwork
  72. Get a distinction in one of my units
  73. Get 2x HD in assessments
  74. Start planning my move to Europe
  75. Re watch the new doctor who series
  76. Watch some of the old DW series’
  77. Buy more gym shoes
  78. Eat less sugar
  79. Do a teatox
  80. Go to the races
  81. Go to the botanic gardens
  82. Do a sparring class at UFC
  83. Whiten my teeth
  84. Buy shares
  85. Grow my hair to my belly button
  86. Take Grem for more walks
  87. Go on a yacht
  88. Do more skin / hair care
  89. Go to the hunter valley
  90. Finish reading LOTR
  91. Clean out my wardrobe – Marie Condo style
  92. Start riding our horses again
  93. Theme my Christmas wrapping paper
  94. Send out Christmas cards
  95. Make a Christmas Wreath
  96. Join the Squat Club Gym
  97. Go out for Christmas cocktails / Have a Christmas party
  98. Go to Ormeggio at the Spit
  99. Reach my target for Easter sales at work
  100. Hang out with Kelvin more

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